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Empowering trade shows and industry associations to launch successful 365 digital communities

B2B media is changing fast… Is your organization ready to compete?

IndustryConnect partners with leading trade shows, associations and media outlets, serving global vertical markets, to provide their combined professional audience with a comprehensive, powerful and engaging 365 digital community.


More than just another platform company, we bring the complete suite of solutions needed for success, along with the expert business unit required to execute them. The result is that our partners benefit by securing their continued role as a central focal point of their target markets for years to come, while building their existing business and finding significant new revenue channels.

The key ingredients for a successful B2B 365 digital community

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Our solutions are trusted by leading organizations worldwide

Partner with us on your complete digital strategy or engage with us on specific elements missing from your existing plan. Either way, we are here to help!

365 Community Platform

Our 365 Community sites, powered by Eventfinity, are an always on 24/7/365 interactive virtual experience. They are a home base for your entire global industry to network, source suppliers, learn, join regular virtual events, participate as a hybrid attendee in your live events, access industry news and resources and, most importantly, stay connected to your brand.



Just some of the features include:



  • Member Directory with robust profile registration and management, plus networking features with built-in video conferencing.
  • Supplier Directory with various sponsor levels and self-serve content management.
  • Event Venue for periodic partner or sponsored events with built-in broadcast production tools.
  • Hybrid event features for your community to participate in your live events from anywhere in the world.
  • Video On-Demand, Resource and Content Libraries
  • And much more… All in a fully branded, highly designed, user experience.

Live, Virtual & Hybrid Events

IndustryConnect is an exclusive partner and provider of the Eventfinity all-in-one live, virtual and hybrid event management platform to the exhibition industry. Trusted by some of the world’s largest global event organizers and brands because it translates the power of live-to-virtual like no other platform available. One of the main reasons for this is vMeet, its proprietary video conferencing and broadcasting feature, seamlessly integrated into the entire user experience. See somebody you know in a workshop? Notice a friend popping into the global chat? Quickly and easily invite them to a one-on-one vMeet room to catch up face-to-face, just like a live event.



The Eventfinity platform can mange live, hybrid and virtual events, in any combination, all in one system. No more headaches of duck taping too many platforms together via API’s.



Some of the features include:



  • Registration
  • Fully customizable portal site design
  • Web browser and mobile app hybrid user experience
  • Dynamic and enrollable agendas
  • vMeet video conferencing with green room production tools
  • Main Stage Theaters
  • Video On-Demand Libraries
  • Sponsor and Expo Halls with self-serve content
  • Poster Halls with live presentation options
  • Attendee Directory including robust networking features with built-in video conferencing
  • Global chat
  • Watch Parties, Networking Lounges and Chat Roulette
  • And much more…

Audience Engagement

A crucial ingredient in any digital media plan is to ensure you are aggregating the right content, in the right cadence, to keep your global audience engaged on a regular basis. Doing this effectively ensures that you can regularly bring them back into your community, registering for your events, buying your sponsorships, consuming your content and, overall, staying connected to your brand. 



A 365 digital community plan simply cannot thrive without the regular traffic that comes from a comprehensive audience engagement campaign.  One that aggregates industry content from great sources and delivers it to your market on a consistent basis.



Our audience engagement solutions include:



  • Industry e-Newsletters
  • 365 News Aggregator
  • Countdown to the Show
  • Daily Update
  • Exhibitor/Supplier Updates
  • Social Media content campaigns 

Attendee & Member Acquisition

Referral marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive new members to your community and increased attendees to your live, virtual and hybrid events. 

IndustryConnect has been a leader in this area for many years with our VIP Guest Invites exhibitor co-marketing solution. Empower your sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and influencers to invite their industry connections to join them at your events and in your communities. Each get their very own customized marketing dashboard destination which includes HTML email invites, landing pages, banner graphics and social media sharing tools.

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Integrated 365 Sponsorship Sales Plan

IndustryConnect can evaluate your offerings, from all of your different channels, and tie them strategically together into a single comprehensive sponsorship prospectus. Streamlining your inventory, packages and sales processes will not only produce significant additional revenue and reduce required sales bandwidth, but also provide your sponsors and exhibitors with a more convenient and bundled way to allocate budget to your brands.



The beauty of having a 365 digital media partner is that all of your digital inventory, including newsletters, community offerings, hybrid/virtual/live events, etc. are all running in one ecosystem. A sponsor can purchase a single package that gives them strong buyer exposure across all channels.

Dedicated Team

Let’s face it… One of the biggest hurdles toward launching effective 365 digital community assets, and integrating them properly into the rest of your existing business channels, is team bandwidth and expertise. Another, of course, is the fact that a single trade show or association alone doesn’t usually have the well rounded content or audience reach to provide the comprehensive community solution for your industry on a global level.



Partnering with IndustryConnect gives you a dedicated business unit that is uniquely skilled and solely focused on the execution and management of a successful 365 community plan. Further, our platform and business model allows for other partners to join in the effort and add to the overall mix.

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